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Save the Northfield Depot | GiveMN


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ALL ABOARD . . . to save and restore the historic Northfield depot!

Moved, but Help Needed for Renovation

The threatened 1888 Union Pacific depot has been moved…and saved from destruction! The work now turns to repairing, rehabilitating, and reusing the depot.

As with several other recent local projects, the bids for the some of the construction and repair came in higher than expected (due to high demand from the many construction projects, some quite large, taking place in the state). Save the Northfield Depot must now raise additional funds to assure its preservation.

The funds needed for each stage of the depot rehabilitation, construction of the pavilion, and completion of the grounds are illustrated in the "thermometer" at the bottom of the page.

  • Donations can be made online by using the donate button to the right; please note that a processing fee will be subtracted from all online donations.
  • If you would like your FULL donation to go toward restoring the depot, please mail a check to Save the Northfield Depot, 712 4th St. E., Northfield, MN 55057.

Questions and offers of in-kind materials/labor donations are also welcome and accepted at info@northfielddepot.org