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Save the Northfield Depot Sets up Shop at the Riverwalk Market Fair

Save the Northfield Depot staffed a tent at the Riverwalk Market Fair on Saturday, June 9, to support the community event and share its story and dreams of restoring the 1888 Northfield depot with Northfield residents and visitors.

Many people stopped to chat and to sign up to help, tell their stories of the depot and passenger trains that used to roll through Northfield, or just to say they wanted to receive an e-mail newsletter about the efforts to save this icon of Northfield history. There was even water at the depot tent for visiting dogs!

"I think they were very grateful for the water, because it was getting quite warm before the day was over," said Lynn Vincent, co-chair with Rob Martin of the Save the Northfield Depot board of directors.

The Save the Northfield Depot tent will be up again next Saturday, June 16, so make a point of coming down to the Riverwalk Market Fair to learn what you can do to help.

"We'll be there to chat, take stories, and help you find a way to be a part of saving the Northfield depot," said Rob. "You can also learn more at www.northfielddepot.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter."