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Depot on the Move

The Northfield 1888 depot will be on the move this fall!

Save the Northfield Depot (STND) held several fundraising events this spring, successfully pushing the amount raised to the minimum level required by the City of Northfield in order to take possession of land where the depot will be moved. Last winter, the City agreed to transfer the land once STND has raised $228,550, which covers all depot budget items except interior renovation of $65,000. After the property transfer, a foundation will be built and the depot moved this fall.

Photo of Dave Shumway, CEO of First National Bank of Northfield, presenting a donation to Lynn Vincent, co-chair of Save the Northfield Depot“Although we will still be raising funds for the interior," noted Lynn Vincent, co-chair of STND, “we can now move the building off of the railroad property, thus preventing its destruction.”

The funds recently raised to reach the milestone set by the City came from many sources: community donations matching the $10,000 challenge grant from Carleton alum, Dante Stephensen; a $5,000 donation from First National Bank; and $2,395 from the Eagles spaghetti dinner and silent auction. In addition, the Defeat of Jesse James Days committee donated $1,500 that had been given to them a decade ago by Bernie Hughes which he earmarked for “the depot.” Future fundraising events include a similar Eagles fundraiser in October to help with the interior renovation work planned for next winter and to begin laying the pavilion foundation.

In planning for the fall move, STND is coordinating with the railroad, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (from whom it obtained a grant for soil testing), the City, contractors, and those who might provide in-kind labor and supplies for the exterior renovation before and after the move in the fall. Questions or inquiries about in-kind donations can be sent to info@northfielddepot.org.

“We recognize we could not have arrived at this milestone without the generous support of the community members who share the vision of an attractive restored 1888 depot in a central complex with public amenities,” said Rob Martin, STND co-chair.

Images of that vision can be found in our gallery. Our website also includes two “Northfield Rail History” videos posted in March that were created by Mira Swearer, a Northfield resident currently studying in France.