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Volunteers Needed After Election

Immediately following the election on November 6, Save the Northfield Depot is ready to make contact with our community and give them their first chance to help save the depot.

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Laying the Groundwork

After the signing of the agreement with the City of Northfield in June for the transfer of two city lots on the Q-block, the effort to "save the northfield depot" has advanced on many fronts.

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Support for Phase II Assessment and Title Clearance

On July 10, 2012, the Northfield City Council voted to approve the EDA’s request for a total of $14,000 EDA funds to finance the Phase II environmental assessment and necessary title clearance for the city-owned land on the Q-block, the future home of the 1888 Northfield depot.

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Save the Northfield Depot Sets up Shop at the Riverwalk Market Fair

Save the Northfield Depot staffed a tent at the Riverwalk Market Fair on Saturday, June 9, to support the community event and share its story and dreams of restoring the 1888 Northfield depot with Northfield residents and visitors.

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Join Us at Our "Friends of the Depot" Event

You are invited to the 1st annual meeting of the "Friends of the Depot" to celebrate the recent successes.

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