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Depot project gets boost with $10,000 matching challenge

The potential for a big boost to the $195,000 currently raised by donations from generous community donors came recently from Dante Stephensen, a Carleton alum with interest in railroads and this depot. Dante recently issued a $10,000 matching challenge to Northfield residents in support of the Save the Northfield Depot project. He

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Save the Northfield Depot receives $12,000 match

Save the Northfield Depot is moving towards its “move”—the move of the 1888 depot anticipated for next summer. Two donations totaling $12,000 were recently contributed as a matching challenge.

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Community Resource Bank completes its $5,000 pledge

An early supporter of Save the Northfield Depot, Community Resource Bank recently completed its $5,000 pledge to Save the Northfield Depot.

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Success: $10,000 in donations matched dollar for dollar

Northfielders came together over a brief period and made the recent Save the Northfield Depot match program a success! Last month, two generous local donors contributed $10,000 for the matching fund; individuals in the community responded with a total of $10,000 to meet the challenge.

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Save the Northfield Depot receives $10,000 matching funds

Save the Northfield Depot co-chair, Lynn Vincent, announced this week that they have received $10,000 in matching funds. A successful matching of these funds will put the total amount raised to $143,000 toward the $293,000 goal to move and renovate the 1888 depot for public use. They are asking the public to take advantage of this opportunity to double the value of their contribution in helping reach the goal.

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