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Depot move scheduled for Wed., Jan. 6, at 9 a.m.

The movers are planning to move the depot across the street this Wednesday, January 6, beginning at 9 a.m.! We invite the public to watch the move in celebration of the success to save the depot!

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The depot is moving! Watch media for announcement of exact date!

Exciting news! The 1888 depot will be saved, and it is almost ready to move! Save the Northfield Depot is delighted to announce that the depot is expected to make the short trip across 3rd Street sometime next week. The public will be notified in advance so that the community can watch and celebrate their success in saving the depot.

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Depot prepared for move & s'more event rescheduled

Construction crews have finished their work to prepare the 1888 depot for the movers, and the moving company made openings in the foundation for the steel beams to be used in the move. Plus, the s’mores fundraising event has been rescheduled for Dec. 10.

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Where we're at with the fall depot move

The stars have aligned for saving Northfield’s 1888 depot! Although in process for many years, several major components of this complex project came together this summer.

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Depot on the Move

The Northfield 1888 depot will be on the move this fall! Save the Northfield Depot (STND) held several fundraising events this spring, successfully pushing the amount raised to the minimum level required by the City of Northfield in order to take possession of land where the depot will be moved.

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