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Volunteer Your Time

Save the Northfield Depot needs your help! Volunteers are vital to the efforts of saving Northfield's 1888 depot.

Committee Assistance

At present, people are needed to assist in the work of the following committees. Board members chair each committee. If you are interested in joining one, please contact:

Design and Build Committee
Rob Martin, chair
Pat Allen, facilitator
Chip DeMann, building move advisor
Baird Jarman, renovation advisor

Events Committee
Pat Allen, chair

Fundraising Committee
Lynn Vincent, chair

Communications Committee
Alice Thomas, chair


If you are interested in donating your labor with the renovation and repair work, please contact Rob Martin. Current assistance is needed for the following:

  • install toilet and sink
  • install bathroom tile
  • lay shingles/repair roof
  • repair walls and paint
  • install drywall
  • install wood trim (ceiling crown moulding, wainscoting trim & baseboard)
  • install light fixtures
  • install a wood floor
  • blow in insulation
  • lay pavers
  • install doors

If you have other repair skills not listed above, please contact us. Check this site in the future for additional tasks that will evolve as the project progresses.